To increase your chance of becoming a better you, by using my services as a personal trainer, you are making a great investment in yourself as I will bring lots of experience from in and out the gym.
From a career in accounting: organisation, details, following rules, controls
to a spell (pivotal) in the French Paratrooper (National Service) : managing your fear, surpassing one self, never give up (see Jumping page)
From working with cats & dogs: day in-day out, any weather, keeping calm but always aware of surrounding, rapid reaction when needed
to being the proud father of my daughter: coaching her to get excellent school results 3A* at A Level, learning an additional language and being able to live abroad at 19.
I am pretty sure we’ll have some common ground. At least we will have the gym!

I had my first taste of resistance training at 17, when Rocky (IV) was training in a barn in Russia and we were challenging ourselves to do the dragonflag.
I always liked/needed to keep fit for different outdoor activities I enjoy practising: skiing (fractured shoulder), windsurfing, mountain biking and dancing.
Having had different injuries, not related to the gym, I know about the long and difficult path with recovery and the importance of taking it slow, so I favour sustainable routines. My motto is: To Be and To Last

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