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To Be and To Last

Are you looking to shred some pounds? Tone your physique? Increase your stamina? Or have you been training for some time but can’t see much of a difference - plateauing? You might be still unsure about what program/methods to follow? Exercises, form, reps, sets, rest time?
You would like a personalized program, just for you, knowing it will lead somewhere!

Well, as a personal trainer, with quite some experience in and out of the gym,    I could assist you to
    Create a plan for You.
    Optimize Your workout.
    Review Your progress regularly and adjust training.
    Encourage You. I will be there to support You along the way.
Just call on 07735 066 890 or email to book your free 30mn consultation. Either talk to me on the gym floor when I am available.

There is so much information out there about nutrition, diets, training methods and exercise, often contradicting! You might have a demanding job and/or a family, had injuries in the past. Going it alone might be a daunting prospect!
Keep it simple by using my service, you will have just to be dedicated to the program we'll establish and keep going as consistency and dedication are key to success.

Just book your free 30mn consultation on 07735 066 890 or email and let's get started.
Don’t miss this opportunity to become our next Fitness Star!

What is fitness:
There are 5 different type of physical fitness: cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility & mobility and body composition (details in the Star page)
And there are 7 skills related to fitness: Speed, Power, Reaction time, Balance, Coordination, Agility.

So depending your current level and your objectives will create a plan for you to progress in the direction you want
There will be certainly lots of repetition, an increase in intensity but also variety in exercises or way of training depending on your goals or to overcome a plateau....
As Fitness cannot be stored, we can only keep going. Either to maintain it or just to counteract the effect of ageing.

We have different packages and options which will discuss during the consultation phase if you wish to proceed. From 3 times a week or more to just once , from 2 hours sessions to just one hour, from 3-6-12 months and a combination of the above like 3 times a week at the beginning with 2 hours sessions and later on down to one hour a week when you feel confident with your workout.
If you have big objectives and needs a boost everyday (not weekend) that’s possible too.

Just book your free 30mn consultation on 07735 066 890 or email at or @myystarfitness  and let's get started.
Don’t miss this opportunity to become our next Fitness Star!


To increase your chance of becoming a better you, by using my services as a personal trainer, you are making a great investment in yourself as I will bring lots of experience from in and out the gym.
From a career in accounting: organisation, details, following rules, controls
to a spell (pivotal) in the French Paratrooper (National Service) : managing your fear, surpassing one self, never give up (see Jumping page)
From working with cats & dogs: day in-day out, any weather, keeping calm but always aware of surrounding, rapid reaction when needed
to being the proud father of my daughter: coaching her to get excellent school results 3A* at A Level, learning an additional language and being able to live abroad at 19.
I am pretty sure we’ll have some common ground. At least we will have the gym!

I had my first taste of resistance training at 17, when Rocky (IV) was training in a barn in Russia and we were challenging ourselves to do the dragonflag.
I always liked/needed to keep fit for different outdoor activities I enjoy practising: skiing (fractured shoulder), windsurfing, mountain biking and dancing.
Having had different injuries, not related to the gym, I know about the long and difficult path with recovery and the importance of taking it slow, so I favour sustainable routines. My motto is: To Be and To Last

Want to become our next Fitness Star, book your free 30mn consultation at 07735 066 890,   or just talk to me on the gym floor when I am available.
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Star image
Why using the name Star ?
Firstly because you’ll be our Star, all our attention will be on You to help reach your objectives.

Secondly because Physical Fitness is broadly made of 5 components, the 5 branches of the Star !
And we have to work all of them to become/stay physically fit.

1 – Cardiovascular Fitness: Pertaining to the ability of the lungs and heart to take in, transport and utilise oxygen, cardiovascular fitness can be improved by performing activities such as jogging, cycling, rowing at low to moderate intensities for extended periods of time. Cardiovascular fitness is inextricably linked to cardiovascular health.

2 – Muscular Strength: Strength is the ability to generate force. Strength is important because stronger muscles make strenuous everyday tasks easier and the pursuit of strength has a positive influence on bone mass.

3 – Muscular Endurance: Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to generate low levels of force for an extended period of time e.g. the demand on the leg muscles when climbing a long flight of stairs. A good level of muscular endurance can make many daily tasks easier including gardening, high-repetition exercise and maintaining good posture.

4 – Flexibility and Mobility: The ability to move a joint or joints through a wide, healthy range of movement is defined as flexibility. Whereas the health and fluidity of movement of a joint is defined as mobility. Flexibility and mobility are essential for optimal muscular and skeletal function as well as health. Poor flexibility and/or mobility can make many every day and sporting activities difficult and can lead to postural issues.

5 – Body Composition: Describing the relationship between fat and lean body weight, body composition is much more important than body weight and all exercisers should strive to achieve optimal body composition. Body composition is influenced by exercise, diet and general lifestyle and a high level of body fat will not only damage fitness levels; it can also damage health.
As previously said, my paratroops experience was pivotal to give me self-confidence.
Here are some videos which can explain why. At 1.28 you go through the door!
Jump in operation from plane with all equipment

Then we came to Aldershot, paratroops exchange, did some training and more jumps.
The usual one from an Hercules and then 2 Jump from Chinook. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. My friend's face was green! But you know what, we just wanted to do it again. And we did!

Finally to get the British Wings, you needed to jump from a balloon, a bit like bungee jumping without the elastic band and a bit higher than your usual bridge!
No noise and all the time in the world to see yourself going up in the air and face the drop before taking this high step down. And the last one mustn't forget to close the door !
The landing at 1.21 has to be seen. Remember a belly flop in the swimming pool hurts. At least, he is laughing !

But I believe all paratroopers will say the same, that was the easy part ! So we had to be fit and ready as you wouldn't know when and where you were going to rest next after touching (hitting sometimes) the ground.
Jumping imageJumping image