Star image
Why using the name Star ?
Firstly because you’ll be our Star, all our attention will be on You to help reach your objectives.

Secondly because Physical Fitness is broadly made of 5 components, the 5 branches of the Star !
And we have to work all of them to become/stay physically fit.

1 – Cardiovascular Fitness: Pertaining to the ability of the lungs and heart to take in, transport and utilise oxygen, cardiovascular fitness can be improved by performing activities such as jogging, cycling, rowing at low to moderate intensities for extended periods of time. Cardiovascular fitness is inextricably linked to cardiovascular health.

2 – Muscular Strength: Strength is the ability to generate force. Strength is important because stronger muscles make strenuous everyday tasks easier and the pursuit of strength has a positive influence on bone mass.

3 – Muscular Endurance: Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to generate low levels of force for an extended period of time e.g. the demand on the leg muscles when climbing a long flight of stairs. A good level of muscular endurance can make many daily tasks easier including gardening, high-repetition exercise and maintaining good posture.

4 – Flexibility and Mobility: The ability to move a joint or joints through a wide, healthy range of movement is defined as flexibility. Whereas the health and fluidity of movement of a joint is defined as mobility. Flexibility and mobility are essential for optimal muscular and skeletal function as well as health. Poor flexibility and/or mobility can make many every day and sporting activities difficult and can lead to postural issues.

5 – Body Composition: Describing the relationship between fat and lean body weight, body composition is much more important than body weight and all exercisers should strive to achieve optimal body composition. Body composition is influenced by exercise, diet and general lifestyle and a high level of body fat will not only damage fitness levels; it can also damage health.