What is fitness:
There are 5 different type of physical fitness: cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility & mobility and body composition (details in the Star page)
And there are 7 skills related to fitness: Speed, Power, Reaction time, Balance, Coordination, Agility.

So depending your current level and your objectives will create a plan for you to progress in the direction you want
There will be certainly lots of repetition, an increase in intensity but also variety in exercises or way of training depending on your goals or to overcome a plateau....
As Fitness cannot be stored, we can only keep going. Either to maintain it or just to counteract the effect of ageing.

We have different packages and options which will discuss during the consultation phase if you wish to proceed. From 3 times a week or more to just once , from 2 hours sessions to just one hour, from 3-6-12 months and a combination of the above like 3 times a week at the beginning with 2 hours sessions and later on down to one hour a week when you feel confident with your workout.
If you have big objectives and needs a boost everyday (not weekend) that’s possible too.

Just book your free 30mn consultation on 07735 066 890 or email at starfitnesspatrick@gmail.com or @myystarfitness  and let's get started.
Don’t miss this opportunity to become our next Fitness Star!